A Dance with Data

It’s taken me a long time to get to this. I know I sound like the opening of something cheesy sports movie, but it’s really true. The last few months have been extremely chaotic what with relocating and having to find jobs, an apartment, etc. I’ve taken my time with A Dance With Dragons partially because I wanted to and partially because I had no friggen time to do otherwise.

So, as per usual, here is a bullet point on each significant character in no particular order from the book and my thoughts on them. Oh and SPOILER ALERT!

Asha – Asha is an interesting broad. She likes it rough and she’s got fire in her belly. I think I like her. Since the ending of the book leaves her fate up in the air, I am looking forward to seeing what happens next for her. I hope she goes far despite what Ramsay Snow’s letter implies.

found on gameofthrones.wikia.com

found on gameofthrones.wikia.com

Theon – Man, I thought I hated Theon, but I guess I really didn’t hate him that much. What he’s gone through is not really something I would wish on anyone aside from you know, rapists, pedophiles, and Hitler. It’s not just the frightening physical transformation into a mutilated old man that is disturbing, it’s largely the emotional and mental damage. Then again, every time I start feeling bad for him he does something or has a disgusting inner monologue and I’m right back to not caring that much.

Victarion – Victarion is actually one of my favorite characters. I’m not sure why since he does a lot of deplorable things. Maybe it’s because he seems to at least have some sort of moral compass by which he is operating. Maybe it’s because his ashy strong arm sounds so bad ass. Whatever the case may be, I’m glad to have one character to make me happy when all my favorites have horrible things happen to them. Keep whispering secrets to your dusky woman, Victarion, and I’ll keep reading.

Jaime – Good for you, Jaime. You’re one of my other favorites as well. Way to abandon that sis of yours and do the right thing. I just hope you’re not walking in to a TRAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAP.

Cersei – Ha. Ha. Ha.

Quentyn – Poor Quentyn. He just wasn’t meant to be one of the dragon’s heads. If I’m being completely honest about his death though, I was sort of relieved that he was taken out of the equation. Though I didn’t like that it had to be so painful and strung out, his presence was getting sort of annoying. We’ll see if “Young Griff” and/or Jon Snow can handle the dragon head thing from here.

Daenerys – Am I the only one who doesn’t understand what she sees in Daario? A blue mustachio? Gold teeth? Fucked like a million skeevy chicks? Sounds like a winner! I guess the vagina heart wants what it wants though. Over all I was disappointed by Dany in this book because she went back on her principles and unintentionally made a real mess of things. I am, however, glad that she’s alive. I can’t wait to see where the next two books take her. Maggy the Frog’s prophecy seemed to imply to me that Dany was going to end up ruling the Seven Kingdoms and the tree lady’s vision combined with Maester Aemon’s final words lead me to believe that she is going to end up ruling as well. We just have to see who ends up ruling by her side if that is the case.

Tyrion – Just when you think it can’t get any worse for Tyrion, it does. I wonder if he’ll ever find Tysha or happiness for that matter. I think that is what every reader wants for him.

Jon Connington – Another poor fellow. He feels like he is responsible for Rhaegar’s death and while he tries to do right by his son, he gets friggen grey scale. I just hope he gets to exact a little Lannister revenge. If the epilogue was any indication, it may be tricky. Also, a question: is he gay? He talks about Rhaegar like he might have been in love with him. I’m not sure because Martin is such a master at layering and intertwining the stories and being subtle. In the first couple of books, Renly’s description and actions hinted at him being gay here and there (Rainbow guard, eh?) until later on when it was obvious.

found on thewertzone.blogspot.com

found on thewertzone.blogspot.com

Barristan Selmy – Oh, Ser Grandfather, what a good guy you are. You stood by your Queen’s side even when she wasn’t there to stand by. You know what, I would date you. I would date the hell out of you. Also, you’ve got to love finding out that he was in love with a woman who could have been Jon’s mama. That’s an awesome link. Though to be fair, I don’t personally believe that. See my previous conspiracy theories here as well as below.

Jon Snow – If I’m being completely honest, I teared up when Jon was betrayed. When Melisandre foretold that there would be “daggers in the dark” I totally knew there was an et tu, brute? situation coming. He just ruffled too many feathers with his decisions. I really hope that one way or another he survives this, but I have a feeling that if he does, it may be solely through Ghost. The whole prologue with Varamyr Sixskins seems to hint at that, and his last word and thought was Ghost. Meh. So depressing.

Arya – Arya is such a little bad ass. I’m really excited to see what happens with her, surprisingly even more than I was coming in to this book. I want to see what happens if and when she goes back to Westeros. I’m assuming she’s going to have to give up her vendettas if she wants to truly become a Faceless Man, but then what will happen when she goes back?

found on fanpop.com

found on fanpop.com

Melisandre – This lady is actually growing on me. I think she does everything from a genuine place, even if it is manipulation and lying. Does that make sense? I just mean that I think she genuinely believes that Stannis is the answer to their prayers and that R’hllor is the one and only God. She just misreads things. I mean she tried to warn Jon and to help him so she can’t be all that bad. She’s certainly better than Queen Selyse. So annoying.

Davos – This guy sure does a lot for his king. It’s rare to find that kind of loyalty and it’s really something to admire in a person. I was so relieved that he lived through several moments that had us as readers believing he had died. Manderly helping him escape was such a rock on moment.

Bran – I thought his part in this book was pretty awesome. I can’t wait to see how the show does Coldhands and The Three-Eyed Crow and the awesome little tree elf lady. Oh and how heartbreaking was Bran pleading with Theon through the trees? He is learning to use his abilities but also to see his limitations. I’m just hoping he will give us some more juicy flash backs.

Areo Hotah – Here is another faithful servant. This books if filled with them actually. Barristan, Davos, and Areo all have a king that they protect and serve unconditionally. Areo sleeping with his axe and his tie to Arianne made him a really interesting character even though he was somewhat marginal.

Additonal thoughts:

  • My working theory as mentioned before is that Jon Snow is the son of Lyanna and Rhaegar and that she made Ned “promise” to raise him as her own and keep the secret safe despite him being friends with Robert. Another possibility though is that this Lady Lemore person could be Lyanna and that Aegon may or may not be her child. Could it be that she made him promise to tell Robert she died when in fact she went off to raise her (or Elia’s) son for Rhaegar? Lady Lemore just seemed like an odd character to include and have it mean nothing more. I mean…anything’s possible right? BUM BUM BUHHHHHHH!
  • If Jon is in fact related to Rhaegar, will he eventually be one of the heads of the dragon? Is he even going to live? In the vision that the little old tree lady had Daenerys (presumably) is by a wall of snow. Is he part of that vision?
  • What the hell is this Sphinx prophecy and what is going on with Sam and that Maester who is traveling to meet Daenerys? It’s driving me crazy!
  • I think that The Green Grace is The Harpy. BOOM! Mind blown!
  • Why did Margaery Tyrell need the moon tea, hmm? That intrigues me. Was it really the Blue Bard or someone else completely? It doesn’t seem like it was him. On that note, I was also wondering if she had a sexual relationship with Loras or if he was completely gay for Renly.
  • I can’t wait to read the next book but it seems like it is really far away from being released. In fact, I’m sure I will have time to re-read this book again and again if Martin’s track record of release dates is any indication. He said himself that he is worried that he won’t have the books out by the time the HBO series gets to that point. They film the show pretty slowly so that is really saying something. It’s at least a few years off for sure.
  • For more info on the next installment entitled The Winds of Winter, check out: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Winds_of_Winter. It’s pretty interesting stuff.
  • Finally, I’m thinking of getting a Song of Ice and Fire -themed tattoo at some point. Right now I like either “Winter is Coming” which would be a reminder to seize the day (something I strongly believe in doing), that all good things come to an end in some way, to be prepared for eventualities, and of course, a commemoration of my love for the series. Something in High Valyrian is also a possibility. What do you think?

Valar Morghulis.

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4 Responses to A Dance with Data

  1. I read all of the books this summer, thinking it was a complete series. I didn’t realize I was making a life-long commitment. I’m afraid that by the time the next book comes out that I will have forgotten who half the characters are. I already don’t remember who Areo Hotah is.
    Everybody has tattoos nowadays. If you really want to show your dedication to the series and stand out, you should probably cut off the ends of your fingers and keep them in a bag around your neck.

    • theyellowranger says:

      I feel the same way. I’ll probably re-read the books when they announce the release date for Winds of Winter.

      I know right? A finger bone bag would be much more original and good luck to boot.

  2. shiotadesu says:

    Oh game of thrones…you had me at Ned Stark (Boromir…..cries a bit). Stop dying~ Big Arya, Jon and Sam fan.

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