Five Things for November

Here are the things I’m loving this month. I’m like Oprah just without all the fame and success, and the cult-like following. It’s probably for the best, if I had a following like that, I’d try to get them to lemming themselves right off a cliff.

1. Andrew Lincoln

I know I mentioned The Walking Dead in my Five Things for October, but I have to give Andrew Lincoln some special props. In one of the most recent episodes of the series, SPOILER ALERT  Rick discovers that Lori has given birth and died. His consequent breakdown seriously moved me to tears. Okay, not just tears. I cried like a little bitch. IS THAT WHAT YOU WANTED TO HEAR?! GAH!

He really is just that good. Jon Bernthal who played Shane for the first two seasons said that he was the best actor he had ever worked with and I believe it.

found on

2. Plaid Flannel Combo


Autumns here and I don’t care that I live in a sunny state. It’s flannel time. Here I am just chillin’ out maxin’ relaxin’ all cool in the living room. I’ve been told I look like a lumberjack-lesbian-trucker in this shirt. Maybe that’s why I have that look on my face. Someone please photoshop a burly mustache on to this picture of me. It would make my day.

3. The Black Keys

Love them as always, but Sinister Kid has been speaking to me lately.

4. Turkey Cranberry Sandwiches

This has always been my favorite sandwich, but since it has to be made with carved turkey, I only get to have it every once and a while. That’s one of the many reasons I love Thanksgiving. Below is a picture of my turkey on this past fine holiday. It was a lovely evening and a lovely meal.

You shall yield many a fine sandwich, bird.

5. Community Shirt

I’m sitting weird so my boobs look wonky but whatevs. Love this shirt. Love this show. Go Human Beings! Can’t wait for the show to be back and to see what the dynamic is like without Chevy Chase in the last half.

Oh and on a somewhat Community-related note, I saw Childish Gambino aka Donald Glover aka Troy Barns perform last week at USC’s secret show and it was amazing. So good that I didn’t even care I was getting stepped on by a douche in a suit.

Thanks for reading, kiddies. I should have the infamous Dance With Dragons post out in a couple of days, shortly followed by recipes for turkey meatloaf, dessert balls, and cranberry sauce, as well as my Must-See Movie List wrap-up! I can’t believe it’s almost December! I better get these posts up before the world ends in a fiery blaze.

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