Walking Dead Season 3 Premiere

Feel that electricity in the air? Tingling with excitement? Well that just might be because the third season of the popular comic-turned-television series, The Walking Dead, premieres tonight. I feel like I’ve been waiting for this forever, tiding myself over with my wonderful compendium and The Walking Dead video game. Now that it is finally here, I can’t wait to see how this season plays out.

Robert Kirkman recently told The Hollywood Reporter, “Anybody can die at any time. We’re not really tied to the events of the comic book series as far as lives and deaths go.” So if you were expecting SPOILER ALERT!!! for Lori to bite the dust this season you might be in for a surprise. After all, they kept Shane around for waaaaaaaay longer than he was supposed to be mainly because the chemistry between Jon Bernthal and Andrew Lincoln was so great. There is also supposed to be a non-cast member celeb featured as a zombie (please be Bill Nighy, please be Bill Nighy, please be Bill Nighy!) but I’m not sure how I feel about that. It might take me out of that mindset. We’ll see.

Who knows where this season will take us, all I know is that I’m thrilled it’s back. Tune in tonight at 9/8c and tell me what you thought of the opener. I’d love to hear! Oh and someone buy me this. Please and thank you.

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2 Responses to Walking Dead Season 3 Premiere

  1. Somehow my son convinced me to watch all the previous season over the summer on NetFlix…we finished in 3 weeks and now I’m hooked. Other than sports, I only watch TWD on tv….look forward to the brothers duel!

    • theyellowranger says:

      Thanks for reading. Yeah, The Walking Dead is a great show. I think the greatest thing about it is that while it is a show about these undead monsters, it is a very human-driven story. It’s definitely in my top five. I’m looking forward to seeing what happens next week as well. The preview seemed to imply that Darryl gets away, so at least I don’t have to worry about my favorite character dying just yet. Phew!

      Thanks for reading!

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