Work TV Blog Sleep. Work TV Blog Sleep. Work TV Blog Sleep.

I’ve been working a new job as a receptionist in a very fast-paced environment and spending 99% of my downtime just trying to de-stress. I’ve been watching all the amazing shows on TV right now like Dexter, Parks and Recreation, Modern Family, and Grimm, and awaiting my other favorites such as The Walking Dead, Supernatural, and Vampire Diaries (I know, go kill myself, but it’s a guilty pleasure. Allow me to make fun of teen angst and huge plot holes!). My point is I don’t usually do much aside from that because I’m so busy, so I figured I should share what little excitement I have in my life with my lovely readers.

First, I will be doing some blogging for the amazing Seattle Geeky Girls! To make my posts easier to find, I’ve used the username theyellowranger. Since the site itself is for geeks, I will be posting things that are more specifically nerdy on that site. Fear not, loyal followers, I will not abandon thee! I’m going to continue blogging about whatever I want whenever I want right here and just do little side pieces for them. Sound good? Good.

Since I am no longer living in the Seattle area, I’m not eligible to be a Seattle Geeky Girl officially. They did ask me to consider doing some mature cosplay modeling for their After Dark site, but I had to decline. If you’re in to seeing some hot shots though, and I know a lot of you are because I’ve been getting search terms like “Harley Quinn cum stockings porn” and “tits out black cat” on my stats tab for this blog, then I would recommend heading on over to that site for some action. There are some cute girls there for sure.

Speaking of material that is NSFW, if you would like to check out me, some of the Seattle Geeky Girls, and a ton of fine looking nerdy broads, head over to More than anything there are some really talented individuals on that site. The amount of design that goes into some costumes is astounding. I don’t know how anyone has the time or the money. I guess if you get paid to do it though then that’s a different story. Anyway, check them all out! My personal favorite is Miss Ivy Doomkitty for two obvious reasons. Va-va-voom!

I’ll be following up with some more posts soon so sit tight!

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