Los Angeles: Home of horrible hotels

Hello everyone! It’s been a little while since I posted because I was packing like crazy for our move, then on the road for a few days, and then in hotels with terrible WiFi, but I’m back now. Here’s a little update on what’s been going on:

We set out on Monday and stayed the first night in Eugene, Oregon. The hotel was a decent price and was very well maintained. I would have had no problem staying in that place for an extended period of time because the staff was friendly and the place was safe.

The second night we arrived in Sacramento, California. Though we stayed in the same hotel chain, the places were worlds apart. The entrances were to the outside and there were a lot of shady-looking dudes roaming the area. They were mainly shirtless, covered in bad tattoos, wearing sunglasses on their foreheads like dumb asses. We were right next door to an In-N-Out which was nice, but also kept a constant flow of cars by our place. Also, I had understood that there would be a fridge and microwave in our room like the last place, but when I got there I was told that you had to make a special request for those and that they were all out. So by that logic you could say the rooms came with king-sized beds, televisions, and electricity, and then surprise the guest with a dark empty room upon arrival. Not cool.

The third night we arrived in L.A. and stayed in  a hotel near to Ricky’s school. It was definitely not what we thought it would be based on reviews and pictures, and NOT in a good way. Before I rant, let me preface this with a concession about my pet.

Though we love our dog dearly, she makes travel quite difficult. Since Domino weighs 40lbs, she is generally about 20lbs over the weight restriction of so-called “pet friendly” hotels. Not to mention she’s a pit bull which scares a lot of people for no real reason except that they maybe heard from a friend who knew somebody who read an article that a pit bull ate a nursery full of newborn babies once. Finding a hotel that will let her stay without a ridiculous daily fee is nearly impossible, especially if you have any other requirements. You know, like not being raped and killed when you step out the door.

This place allowed pets and didn’t charge an outrageous fee, so that was good.

The coffee tasted like sludge at the hotel. First world problems.

Now that I’ve given credit where credit is due, I can say guilt-free that everything was wrong with this place.

When we walked in the room, it smelled so strongly of cigarette smoke, perfume and body odor that I half expected a hung over Christina Aguilera to be sleeping in the bath tub. The room was supposed to be non-smoking but it was clear someone had been in there and recently. It lingered for the next two days despite a linen change.

Though Christina wasn’t sleeping in our tub, there was a problem with it. The stopper was completely broken so that you couldn’t take a bath or fill it with water to wash clothing. Since we didn’t have access to a laundry machine, that was a big inconvenience. The towel rack was broken too. The slightest bit of pressure caused it to fall off the wall and I smacked myself in the foot with it more than once. Oh and the toilet, which spilled water all over the floor every time you flushed, wasn’t fixed for two days even though we put in multiple requests. I’m pretty sure I could have gotten better service and had a better experience sleeping on the floor of the Whiskey A Go-Go.

Most people there didn’t speak English or if they did it was really broken. I know that is to be expected, but when you run a business it is helpful if you know more than your name. I also don’t appreciate getting attitude from teenagers that don’t even want to be there working in the first place.

This gum is the future. Like some serious Willy Wonka shit.

On the up side, we’ve had some fun sampling the local food and entertainment. We saw The Dark Knight Rises (my opinion will come when I see all of the movies on my Must-See List and review them) as well as The Watch which was mind-numbing fun. We ate some great barbecue and some decent Mexican food and we found an Amante which is a pizza place from back home that we love. I also decided to try dessert gum for the first time in my life and thought it was amazing.

Driving in L.A. hasn’t been as awful as I had thought it would be either. I was able to get to Beverly Hills easily to shop for some interview/office clothing which was nice. It’s all very Joan Harris which is fun and sexy. Getting back from shopping was a little disorienting but I eventually found my way. That’s saying a lot too because I’m the least directionally oriented person in the world. The drivers are definitely aggressive but I didn’t have anyone pull a gun on me in traffic or anything so it’s not too crazy.

I think we’re having some difficulty adjusting to the heat. What can I say? I’m a Pacific Northwest kid. I like hot coffee, flannel shirts, and Pearl Jam. Not green tea, tank tops, and Katy Perry. I’ll acclimate though. If the dog can pant through it, so can I.

I haven’t played any video games or read any books in over a week and it’s killing my soul. I’ve just been too busy. My copy of A Dance With Dragons has been severely neglected and Alice: Madness Returns and Arkham City haven’t been worked on. Now that things are starting to work out and settle down though, I should have time for more of everything. That means more posts. Yay! More to come!

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