A Storm of Bullet Points

I love you, Mr. Martin.

So here’s the run down on book number three of the A Song of Ice and Fire series, A Storm of Swords. It has been my favorite in the series thus far even though it was filled with such heart ache that it was hard to read at times.


  • I’m so glad Bran has made it past the Wall. His search for the three-eyed crow was so perilous and I feared he wouldn’t make it even with Jojen’s dreams showing them the way. The fact that he was able to slip in to Summer’s skin to save Jon and Hodor’s skin to (if only momentarily) protect his friends is really awesome. I just hope that Coldhands will keep him safe on their new journey. On that note, I can’t wait to see what happens to them and who this crazy, elk-riding mofo really is.
  • You know those Starburst commercials that are all about being a contradiction? That’s pretty much how Daenerys’s story has been for the past three books in my opinion. Obviously she has evolved a great deal, but she is constantly at odds with herself. She is technically a child by today’s standards, and yet she’s been wed, carried and lost a child, become a widow, experienced a sexual awakening, been betrayed, defeated a bunch of ghost spirit thingies, raised dragons, burned cities, and lost those closest to her along the way. She’s so small and sweet and yet she’s this fearsome dragon. I think the paradoxical qualities of her character are what make her so interesting though. I’m looking forward to seeing what her dragons do when they’re bigger and what awaits her in Westeros if and when she finally gets over there.
  • Jon has really become a man in this book and it’s not just the sex. He’s kept his word no matter how difficult, he’s fought battles when the odds weren’t in his favor, and he’s loved and lost.  The death of Ygritte definitely bummed me out, but I know that was how it was meant to be. What other ending could there have been really? They couldn’t live happily ever after no matter what they did and their differences were too great. Aside from that, I was hoping he wouldn’t accept Stannis’s offer to become Lord of Winterfell and forsake the Old Gods, and I’m glad that he didn’t let me down. Seeing him as Lord Commander is going to be really interesting.

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  • I was so relieved when I learned Davos was alive but so distraught for him as well. He lost his sons and his luck, was near death, and was locked in a dungeon by a sorceress. Yeah, not such a great time. Still, despite everything he has shown how eternally loyal, humble, and brave he is. May the Seven bless him for saving Edric! Here here!
  • I never liked Sansa. I mean, can you blame me? She’s a hard one to sympathize with because she’s such a damsel in distress. She’s just a cliché in a lot of ways. I never wished such sadness on her though. Like everyone in this book, she’s lost something. Her parents are dead and she believes her siblings are as well. She doesn’t even have her wolf like some of the others do. She’s been betrothed to a monster only to be turned around and wed to his uncle who is, physically speaking, a bit monstrous himself. Then Littlefinger tries to play out some gross Catelyn fantasy with her that nearly gets her pushed off a mountain side. It’s a lot for one person to endure.
  • Jaime, Jaime, Jaime, you son of a bitch. First I hate you when you’re one-dimensional, and then Mr. Martin gives you a voice that complicates my unadulterated loathing. What’s up with that? Truth be told, I’m glad that Jaime was fleshed out as a character and we get to see the good and bad in him just like everyone else. I just feel so conflicted in my feelings toward him. All I know is that Cersei has to go, bro. Even if I was okay with you boning your sister (and I’m definitely not), she is all sorts of evil. Even you can do better.

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  • I can’t wait to see what comes of Arya’s Braavos trip. Following her story was so hard because it seemed like every time she got close to comfort and safety, it was taken away from her. Poor thing. Who wants to ride with the Hound? She’s been brave and strong though, and I want good things to happen for her now.
  • I’m glad that Tyrion is alive and got to exact some small revenge, but it was such a hollow victory. To be married to a girl who cringes at the sight of you, to fall in love with a whore who betrays you, to be accused and sentenced to death for a crime you didn’t commit, to find out that your first love was no whore at all, and finally to see the lover who betrayed you in your father’s bed…I don’t know if anyone can come back from that. His narrative just broke my heart again and again. I don’t know if I want him to find Tysha or find Sansa or what, but I want him to be happy in the end of all this. If I had to choose a character to stay alive throughout the entire series, it would probably be Tyrion.
  • Catelyn’s story broke my heart even more than Tyrion’s did if that’s even possible. Knowing that Robb screwed himself by marrying Jeyne but still holding out a glimmer of hope for peace, all to have that dashed away in such a brutal and cruel way right in front of your eyes is just horrific. Robb’s death and her own were so gut-wrenching. I was too stunned to cry when I read it, but later that day I actually slammed my hand in the car door and I think I half wept for my poor wounded finger and half for their deaths. It was so awful. I can’t wait to see what happens though now that she’s somehow alive and riding with Lord Beric’s outlaws. Having her give that nod of consent to the Freys’ hanging was so badass and I just felt like YEAH! GET SOME, FREYS! GET SOME!

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  • Samwell has changed so much from his introduction to where he is now. Just like Jon, he’s really become a man in this book. He’s developed his own kind of bravery which is arguably a lot more important than the bravery of some of the other characters. It’s true bravery in the sense that despite being terrified you soldier on, just like Eddard had talked about in A Game of Thrones. I know that if I had been through everything with those wights and the Others and then seen Coldhands, I would have just booked it for the Wall on foot. Screw the preggo! She’ll be fine! Okay…not really, but he was very valiant in that moment and I think a lot of lesser men would have left her to fend for herself at some point.

Well, I’m already in to A Feast for Crows so I’m sure I’ll have another list of remarks/insights for you in a couple of weeks. Happy reading!

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