There’s a nice pot of wildfire for anyone who spoils this book for me

So, I’m about halfway through A Storm of Swords and Ricky tells me that he “accidentally” found out a huge spoiler about the Lannister family in this book. I hate this. Now every time I read some new crazy thing that happens to a Lannister I have to speculate if that’s just it or there is more to come. I have a sickening feeling that things won’t end well in this book for my favorite character, Tyrion, but god help the man who spoils the ending for me! I mean it!

I will do another bullet point review of the book when I’m done. In case you’re wondering about the tv show, I’m putting off watching Season 2 of Game of Thrones at least until I’m done with this book, but I will review that as well at some point. Some events in this book coincide with the second book, so I don’t want to start watching the second season and find out too much. I should be done soon though. Ricky and I both have nasty colds at the moment, but the bright side is that it will give me more time to sit and read.



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