ECCC 2012

Well this past weekend was Emerald City Comic Con in downtown Seattle, and the streets were abuzz with superheroes, bronies, stormtroopers and all manner of nerd folk. Ricky and I attended Saturday and though it was crazy and chaotic and at times a tad disappointing (Why, Jason Momoa, would you ever abandon me? WHY?!), we had a really nice time.

The recap:

We planned to leave at 9:00am, but I had a slight wardrobe malfunction that delayed us. The fur I had put on the boots was coming off and it just looked cheap and horrible. I had decided not to use a strong adhesive because I wanted to keep the boots for everyday wear without having to explain glue residue or traces of white fur left over from the con, but the stuff I used to accomplish that kept peeling. I did a quick fix by making a fur cuff around the top of the boot using Fabri-tac, that way no adhesive actually touched the boot itself but it still would stay in place. Ya gotta do what ya gotta do. Once I got that taken care of, we hit the road.

Here is Ricky’s costume. He went as Punisher Noir. At the last minute, he actually ditched the vest and went with a shirt and tie which was closer to the character. I thought it looked pretty sweet.

We arrived at 10:00am and the parking garage to the convention center was already full. We had to park a block over, which wasn’t a big deal except that it was raining and the wind was blowing pretty hard. Ahh, typical Seattle. In the garage elevator there was a group of furries and a pretty sweet female Boba Fett. Seeing them got me even more excited than I already was.

Indoors was more crowded than I had anticipated and it took a while just to get up the escalators to get our badges and programs. They gave us a Falling Skies souvenir bandana though, so that made waiting in line not so bad.

We started out wandering around for a while among booths, but it was so crowded that we couldn’t really even see what we were doing. We thought we were headed to the media guest tables for the 10:30am signing but we were actually in the wrong section. The good thing about our little detour though was that I spotted some notable artists including Bruce Timm (of pretty much everything Batman) and Ray Fawkes (One Soul), as well as Anthony Del Col, co-creator of Kill Shakespeare. I would have taken more pictures if it wasn’t for my camera being jammed in the bottom of my purse.

Though we had the programs to help us get around, we were both wearing gloves and holding other things in our arms, so it made looking things up difficult. We mostly relied on asking people questions. Luckily they knew where the celebrities were, otherwise we might not have gotten our autographs. I was almost shaking when we finally got in line to meet Jon Bernthal and Laurie Holden. Eeeeeeeehhhhhh!

It took us almost two hours to get to the front of the line, so our feet and backs were pretty much killing us. We had previously decided that we were just going to get Jon Bernthal’s autograph, but it seemed silly to pass up Laurie Holden when she was signing autographs at the same booth, so we paid for both. Our $60 got us two autographs and a picture from the show. We chose this one of Shane tending to a blood-drenched Rick after Carl has been shot in the woods. The others were mainly pictures of Shane with or without a shirt, and I thought that was too awkward of a souvenir.

Jon Bernthal was really great in person. I was nervous in front of him, but he and Ricky talked easily. He told us that he had been cast in L.A. Noir which sounds pretty awesome. I’ve always wanted to play the video game because I like crime/mystery games and because the protagonist, Cole Phelps, is basically Ken Cosgrove from Mad Men (Aaron Staton). He signed our compendium, telling us to stay good to each other and to keep on kicking ass. I think we can do that for him. He also told us that we both looked great in our costumes. Ricky gave me permission to ask him for a hug, but I decided not to subject him to that since several people ahead of  us had already asked him for free pictures and hugs and he had obliged.

Laurie Holden, on the other hand, was pretty much exactly like her character. When we stepped up to her at the table she just stared at us and said nothing. We introduced ourselves and said hello and she was just looking at us like, Tell me what to sign so I can get on to the next person. I found her to be stand-offish but Ricky is the most personable human on earth and could make conversation with a brick wall, so he got a little something out of her. She said that they were starting the filming of Season 3 on May 1st but that it won’t air until October. She also said that there will most likely be another mid-season break due to football season and the holidays. We agreed that it generated a lot of buzz for the remainder of Season 2 to break it up like that, even though it sucked to wait so long for it.

Here I am about to walk out the door. This is probably the best picture of the bunch but it doesn’t show my whole outfit.

While in line for those two, we saw Jason Momoa, Edward James Olmos, Christopher Judge, Summer Glau, Eddie McClintock, and Adam Baldwin sitting at their respective tables. Jason Momoa’s line had dwindled down for some weird reason and I thought that I would go get his autograph once we were done with The Walking Dead folks, but he was sadly gone by the time we finished. I was bummed, but I figured I would catch his 3:00pm panel so at least that would be something. I was looking forward to that since I mentioned it in my previous post because he was going to talk about all of his film/television experiences, including playing Khal Drogo. Well, here is where some of the disappointment comes in to play.

The schedule as of Wednesday night claimed that Momoa would be doing a panel on Saturday from 3:00pm to 4:00pm, but I guess they changed it because his picture wasn’t even in the program we received and the only indication of his activities was on a white board that said he was doing a panel Sunday instead. It was so odd because he was still doing two signings and a photo-op on Saturday. Why would he just want to sit around on arguably the best day of the convention occasionally signing things? My guess is he had something else going on to want to push the panel to Sunday or they had some kind of scheduling mishap. Meh. So sad. So very sad.

We tried to get in to the “20 years of Batman” panel that Ricky wanted to go to but the line went around the corner, and we were turned away. People tried forcing their way in anyway, but Ricky didn’t want to be one of those jerks who ignored the people in charge.

We did manage to see the “Talkin’ Dead” panel though which was very interesting. Jon Bernthal talked about his idea for an alternate ending to Season 3 that would reveal that his character Shane had loaded Rick’s gun with blanks during their showdown. He said that the writers didn’t go for his idea but the ending was similar to what he had imagined so there weren’t any hard feelings. The whole interview/Q&A was entertaining mainly due to his sense of humor and enthusiasm because Laurie Holden was about as awkward and seemingly snobby as she was at the autograph signings. When an audience member asked her a question, she did the same blank stare that she gave us earlier like Yeah, what’s your point? They also talked about their sex scene in the car and how it was supposed to be a lot longer and “nastier” than what aired. I guess the big wigs at AMC or maybe the FCC or something just weren’t having it. We can see a little girl get her head blown off, sure, but heaven forbid a little fully-clothed bump and grind in a Hyundai.

After the panel, we hunted around for Robert Kirkman (the creator of The Walking Dead) and Connor McCreery (co-creator of Kill Shakespeare) but not knowing what they looked like, as well as them taking breaks away from their designated tables, made it impossible for us to get signatures. We decided that we were okay not getting them though. Ricky would have liked a Kevin Conroy autograph as well since we couldn’t get in to his panel, but the lines were insane and being faced with another two-hour wait, we opted just to catch him at the next con.

Ricky and I both have a fairly low tolerance for crowds, particularly when they lack self-awareness and deodorant, so we decided to call it a day after about four hours or so. That may sound lame to some people, but I had been lugging around a 15 pound bag all day in the crook of my arm (don’t judge me, I have weak upper extremities!) and walking in heels, so I was dead on my feet. Plus, I woke up at 6:00am to do all the getting ready, so I had really been going for more like 7 hours.

The people in Subway thought we were crazy. I was too tired and hungry to even try to explain my appearance.

We ended the day with some Subway sandwiches and Community, which is pretty much the perfect end to any day. If we are still in the area next year, we will definitely be going to ECCC again. Likewise, we are looking forward to PAX this summer. If we are living in another state (we may have to relocate if Ricky attends an out-of-state university), then we will probably go to a con there. Fingers crossed that it is Sandiego Comicon because that’s on my bucket list.

My dog sporting our Comicon souvenir bandana.

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  1. andy1076 says:

    Awesome costumes 🙂 Wish I was as lucky to participate 🙂

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