The Follow Up

A little less than two weeks ago I mentioned that I was reading A Clash of Kings and would review when I was done. Well, I’m done, but I’ve actually decided not to do the review. After reading it, I realized that it would be waaaaay too difficult for me to do a review that actually did the book justice without just saying, “WOOH!!!1!! Clash of Kings FTW!!!”

So instead here’s what I have to say about the characters at this point and I’m warning now that this is a Spoiler Alert:

-I feel so bad for Tyrion. He’s already got so much working against him and now he has this horrible gash in his face and part of his nose/lip missing. I knew that Cersei was going to try and do something to off him, but I guess I didn’t expect it to be during the Black Water battle because she was emphasizing him keeping Joff safe so much. Then again, she’s evil, so uh-duhhhh. I would also like to say that I would totally date Tyrion. He makes me laugh and he’s charming, so I don’t care if he has mismatched eyes and little legs. I hope Shae is the real deal and not another Tysha situation for his sake.

(found on

-Oh Sandor, my sad friend. The scene where he is drunk and forces Sansa to sing for him at knife point is so oddly touching to me. His fear of the fire coupled with his protectiveness of Sansa just makes all his wrong-doings not count in my mind. I know that is biased of me to say, but it is how I feel. I wish he could find love and that some of his brutalitiy would just fade away. That’s probably too much to hope for though. In any case, I hope he will reappear in the next book.

-At least Sansa stopped being such a little twit, and that’s all I can really say. I hope she gets out of King’s Landing safe and sound because she’s been through a lot, but I’m not connected to her really. She just irks me so much.

Theon I just hate so hard. His treatment of women and children has sickened me throughout the book. I was glad that his sister made a fool of him (as weird as her grabbing his peen was) and that he was haunted by the dead in nightmares. His eventual downfall at Winterfell was very satisfying as well. I just wish Ser Rodrick had gotten to kill him.

-I’m glad Bran has learned to open his third eye. If he has to be broken in one world, at least he can fly in another.

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His character is so gentle and sweet. When the miller’s boys were killed and you’re lead to believe it is Rickon and Bran, I had a full on Dumbledore denial flashback. I was like “Nope, didn’t happen. Just didn’t happen.” At least I was right this time.

-I feel really bad for Jon. I hope he can find a way to let his Black Brothers know he’s not a traitor and help them in some way. Having to kill my dude Half-hand was so terrible but he did it like a man. I look forward to he and Bran having their wolf dreams again. It’s interesting that he has the same foresight that his half-brother does. Is it a Stark blood thing? (No, don’t tell me.)

Davos was one of my favorite characters because he was so humble and loyal. When I read that he was drifting into the Black Water wreckage toward the end I was like “DAVOS, NOOOOOOOOOO!”

-Catelyn has really had a rough go of it. She thinks two of her sons are dead, knows her man is dead, and is totally unsure about her daughters’ fates. I’m excited to see what happened between her and Jaime in the next book. I kept thinking they were going to go back to her point-of-view and say he was lying in the cell with a slit throat or something but Mr. Martin had to go and leave me in suspense.

-As for Daenerys, I hope that going back to Pentos will yield some results, unlike her time in Qarth. Her part in this

Ricky totally has the hots for this chick. I made him name his top five sexiest ladies of all time, and I think she may just be secret number five that he "couldn't think of at the moment." Yeah, yeah, suuuure. (found on

book wasn’t very exciting aside from the craziness of the Palace of Dust. Anytime a ghostly figure is biting your eyeball, yeah, I’d say that’s not good. The visions she had and the prophecy of threes really peeked my interest.

Arya has probably become my favorite character. She is such a fierce little thing. I just want her, Hot Pie, and Gendry to find safety so badly because she’s been alone and scared for so long. Also, it is pretty cool that she got three death wishes, but I wish she had used them a little more wisely in the beginning. You can’t squandor gifts of death! Come on!

So there ya have it, that’s what I have to say. It’s not an analysis of the book by any means, but it’s my real and immediate feelings toward the characters after finishing the novel. I’m on to the next book and very much looking forward to Season 2 of Game of Thrones starting in a few days. Woohoo!


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