EEEEEEeeeeeeeehhhhhhh: This is the sound I make when I geek out hard.

Before I get in to the title of this post, I need to explain that ECCC has been struggling with their media guests lately. Tom Felton and Christopher Lloyd were arguably the biggest celebrity names that they had going for them initially and both dropped out after I had already gotten my tickets. I was kind of bummed because they replaced Felton with the Weasley twins, James and Oliver Phelps, and Lloyd with the mom from the Back to the Future series, Lea Thompson. It’s like yeah, that’s cool and all, but where are the real money stars? In comparison to years past, the line-up was really starting to suck. I was actually starting to bad mouth the con a little bit.

Well, I am here to rescind any negative comments I have made about the guest line-up in the past few weeks. Not only is Edward James Olmos going to be there all weekend, but they got Jason Momoa! Khal Drogo is one of my favorite characters in A Game of Thrones and Game of Thrones on HBO, so I’m pretty much dying. I debated about whose autograph I wanted more, Jon Bernthal or Jason Momoa, being that they are both characters I found compelling who were killed off. I think I am going to stick with Jon Bernthal, but if I get to see Jason Mamoa, I might become a blithering idiot. Hence, the geeking out.

Beside stalking the celebrities I like and milling around the booths, there are really only three things that Ricky and I have decided that we can’t miss. For me, it is the panel The Talkin’ Dead with The Walking Dead stars, and From Swords to Stars, the panel with Jason Momoa. For Ricky it is 20 Years of Batman panel. I’m pretty excited for that as well because it includes Bruce Timm and Kevin Conroy. EEEEeeeeeehhhh!

On a completely unrelated note, Kevin Smith’s show, Comic Book Men, has been capturing my attention lately. I am sure it isn’t interesting for the majority of people so I honestly don’t expect it to be on television very long, but I think it’s cool. Check it out if you like comics or Kevin Smith or men shooting the breeze or secret option d) All of the above.

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