A Clash of Kings

I wrote a post somewhat recently about how I had been reading A Game of Thrones and how I was enjoying it so much. Well, I finished that book and I’m proud to say that I’m on to the next book in the A Song of Ice and Fire Saga,  A Clash of Kings. Unlike the first one, I haven’t watched any television version (that’s not possible until Season 2 airs on HBO April 1st) so everything that happens is a complete surprise. I like it that way though. Not knowing who is going to live or die is very exciting.

I like many of the characters, but as far as personal stories go thus far I’m rooting for Tyrion, even though he’s a Lannister, Arya, Jon, and Sandor Clagane. I can’t really explain why I like the Hound so much, but I do. I’d like to see all of them live but especially him because he’s had such a hard go of it in life. He is fearsome and brutal for certain, but I think he has a kind heart unlike his brother. Bring down the Mountain, I say! Screw the Lannisters! Feed them all to the direwolves, but keep their heads for the walls of the Red Keep! YEAH!!! DIE!!!…I’m guessing no one would make me their queen now.

Oh well.

Stay tuned for a review when I reach the end!

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