You just wrinkled my brain.

This is a response to The Walking Dead episode that aired 3/12/12. SPOILER ALERT.




What. The. Hell. We just received our compendium in the mail, so I hadn’t been able to read it yet to know what was coming. I had no idea that Shane was going to go completely insane and be stabbed by Rick, or that he would come back to life and be shot by Carl. (Apparently things don’t go down exactly that way in the comics, but obviously television is a different medium and the show has to take on a different story arc to be successful.) I’m just still so shocked! I genuinely thought Lori’s speech might be able to bring him back from the brink, but I guess not. I’ve gone from hating to liking to like-hating and hate-liking him and now I’m sort of sad that he’s gone. It’s just going to be weird.

I’m not sure if this makes my future Jon Bernthal autograph more or less valuable. I hope he doesn’t sink in to obscurity now like so many other actors tend to do. It is a tough business to stay relevant in though. That being said, if you see Macaulay Culkin lying in a gutter somewhere, let him know that Home Alone 5: They’re Coming for My Oxycontin might be his best shot at stardom again.

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