A Game of Thrones

I’m really enjoying George R. R. Martin’s A Game of Thrones. I must confess, I saw the first season of the television series on HBO before reading the book. Usually I’d be embarrassed having seen only the film or television version of something without having read the book first, but I’m not in this case. I think seeing the television program first actually helped me trudge through the seemingly endless list of characters, castles, and familial connections (wait, he murdered whose wife after what’s-her-name was raped by what-do-you-call-him?).

I guess I’m just lucky that my imagination allows me to envision characters differently despite having seen them on-screen. Bran, for instance, I see as having auburnish hair (more Tully less Stark) instead of straight up brown like Issac Hempstead Wright. If I wasn’t able to picture them differently, it could have ruined some of the characters I suppose.

Anyway, I would encourage everyone to read the books and see the show. If you don’t like the plot, you’ll at least get to see a lot of nudity and some violence. YEAH!

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