Cosplay/Convention update

Hi all,

I won’t be able to attend ScareLA unfortunately. Not a good year for conventions, I’ll tell ya! I will be traveling for a good chunk of con season and other things are just getting in the way. I wiiiiiiiiiiill be at Stan Lee’s LACC though. (*Fingers crossed*)

And you know who I’ll be going as? Let’s narrow it down by show…


There are quite a few hot babes on the show and some bad ass dudes. Who could it be?! Audrey? Coop? Bob?!!!?!?!?!

Stay tuned.


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Pictures from Ma

My mom came to visit me recently (check my twitter feed for some of her ridiculous quotes) and she brought me some pictures for my “portfolio.” It was really sweet. I think she thinks because of my arts background that I’ll end up doing this for a living somehow. Nahhhh, just fun to play dress up. Like a big kid. 😛


Note that the stunning girl on the upper right dressed up as Lily Munster is the makeup job I did on a girlfriend and not moi!

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Upcoming cosplay plans!

Hi all!

Sorry I’ve been MIA. I’ve been busy writing for and my other site,, along with lots of other life crap. Rest assured though, this site is my first love. ❤

So, are you all excited about Game of Thrones? Twin Peaks? Stranger Things Season 2? IT? It’s kind of a nerd’s dream right now, huh? I know I’m dying for all of these. I’ll be talking about some of these later on the site.

Before I get to that though, I wanted to give an update on upcoming cosplay/con plans. Here is where I’ll be:

ScareLA (August 4-5)

Stan Lee’s Los Angeles Comic Con (October 27-29)

I really hope I get to see some of you there! It’s honestly been so nice for someone who is an introvert to form and maintain friendships at these conventions. Nerds unite!!!

Just so you know, I’m likely not going in costume to ScareLA because I’d like to talk to some vendors and my masks/makeup/props have hindered me in the past when it comes to this.

Me: “Herrrerrryerrrlaaaahheeenuhcahhhh?”

Vendor: “I’m sorry…what was that?”

Me: “Howwww areeee youuuuu likiiiiiing theee coooooon?”

Vendor: “Ohhhhhhh! Yeah, it’s alright.”

Of course, I could always change my mind. No cosplay is my plan at the moment though.

However, I WILL be dressed up for Stan Lee’s LACC. Can you guess what I’ll be going as?? Hint hint: It has something to do with one of the shows mentioned above. 😉

All will be revealed soon!



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Freak Show Tee

Not really a “project” but it was DIY! I ended up dying the shirt I got at Monsterpalooza, and I wanted to share because I dug the way it turned out. I’d never dyed anything before, so this was a first, but it was really easy. I just did cold water in a tub + packet of dye + 1 cup of salt. Stirred it up and boom!


Dig that sweet emoji action. 😛

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Monsterpalooza 2017 Wrap-Up

Hi boils and ghouls!

I had a wonderful time at Monsterpalooza and wanted to share it with you all. It was my first time going. I’ve been to Son of Monsterpalooza which is a smaller spin-off show held in Burbank, but this one was in Pasadena, the same spot where they hold ScareLA.

I wanted to reuse an old costume piece — my vargulf mask (pictured below) that I made.

I’d just like to say that somehow my PJs in this shot are missing (Tina >:[ ) and my jacket is gone (most likely goblins).

So, I repainted the mask brown and gave it a glossy finish this time with Mod Podge so that it would have a wet look as if it was actually coming out of my face. I also wanted this one to look more like it was extending from my mouth a la The Howling or The Company of Wolves and less just raw carnage like Hemlock Grove. For this reason, I used a portion of a pre-existing mask with a nose already on it, modeling wax, liquid latex, and concealer.

So here were my initial plans:

I have to do step by step so I don’t accidentally do things out of order and screw myself over. For instance, if I had applied my sharp claw-nails before I put my contacts in, I would have an entirely different look on my hands–Little Blind Riding Hood

Here is the actual evolution that took place, and I think it was pretty close to my notes if I do say so myself:

Personally, I think I could have stopped at the first step because I looked crazy hot. Out of control sexy.

A better look at the finished product:

Things I learned:

  • Putting in contacts is hard and may cause swearing, fist shaking, and in rare instances, unwaranted scolding of pets who are just innocently watching you
  • We should all have crazy respect for SFX artists because what they do is insanely difficult
  • Knowing your materials is important
  • Sometimes going for the trusted brands/slightly more expensive ones is worth it
  • You may realize halfway through that your plans are flawed and have to improvise

You can’t see it in the headshots above but I had a red hair bow, wig, velvet cape, black dress, and red sparkly flats. I also used a basket and put flowers and a handmade card for Red Riding Hood’s sick grandmother in it. It was kind of fun creating the card because I had to pretend to be a kid and draw stick figures.

I was there all evening Friday and got to see the museum with awesome props, cool cosplay, artists both old and new, and some really sweet collectibles. Here’s a look of the shots I took.

My favorite things were probably watching the SFX makeup being done in real time and being able to look at all the props up close and personal. Both things just left me awe struck. These artists are such visionaries. In order to work in this field you have to be able to see in layers. I don’t think people realize that. Or maybe we all just take it for granted. I know I certainly do. These people though — they have to be able to see the end product in their minds and have the patience and determination to bring it to life. It’s just so inspiring. ❤

As for the swag I picked up, I kept it to a minimum this time around. I got a shirt and a patch from my pal the Boogey Man, and I got two claw machine plushies to round out my monster collection!

When I went to Long Beach Comic Expo I got a Chaney Wolf Man, Karloff Mummy, and Lugosi Dracula but they were out of Frankenstein’s Monster and The Bride. When I saw these I snatched them up super quickly. I’m thinking about sewing all of their little hands together to create a garland. Thoughts?

I also have dye because I’m not really a white shirt type of gal. I usually go black or jewel tones. I am going to dye the Freak Show shirt jack-o-lantern orange. It will be my first time doing something like this so hopefully it turns out alright!

Well, that’s it. It was a blast and I look forward to the next con. Most likely it will be ScareLA. Please note I won’t be able to make it to LBCC in September because I have bridesmaidly duties in a friend’s wedding. Womp womp. Still, me in a bright turquoise 50’s-inspired dress is pretty close to cosplay. 😛




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Hi all!

Just as note here since I’ve had a few people ask if I’m going to make it: I unfortunately won’t be at Wondercon this weekend. I will be at Monsterpalooza next week, however. I’ll be attending Friday all evening, so come see me if you can! I’m going to be dressed as Red Riding Hood…with a twist. 😉

See you there! And if you’re going to Wondercon, have fun! I’m envious! Be sure to pet Sir Griffin the Great for me, a cuddly 150-lb Great Pyrenees who will be dressed as the White Rabbit from one of my favorite Disney films of all time – Alice in Wonderland. ❤

I haven’t seen him in so long and it makes me sad. 😥



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30 Minutes of Diabolical – Long Beach Comic Expo 2017

Check out what my friends did, dudes! Just click the picture. 🙂

Thank you to Chuck and Curtis for a fun chat.

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Con Update

Hi all!

Just a quick update here. I’m not sure if I’ll be attending Wondercon this year. I still hope to go, but scheduling is making it iffy. If I do go, it would likely be plain clothes and not cosplay. I’ll for sure be at Monsterpalooza though on Friday.

I want to repurpose my Vargulf mask. It’s not the best piece in the world, but I’m proud of it. 🙂 I’m looking forward to using it again.

So see you there!




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Long Beach Comic Expo 2017

This has got to be my third or fourth time a Long Beach Comic Expo, and it always feels a little bit like Long Beach Comic Con’s little brother – smaller but still fun and with a lot of heart. ❤


My character was pretty recognizable this go around. As I walked across the courtyard toward the con, a man who was hanging out with his family shouted, “NEEEEGAAAAAN!” and I turned and gave him a nod. He was pretty happy about that, which was super cute. I also had a heart-swelling moment when a particularly rad female Mad Eye Moody at the entrance of the con gave me an acknowledging,“Negan,” as he walked by and I replied, “Mad Eye” with a nod.

Damn it, I love cons.

Though I liked quite a few of the booths, my favorites were primarily horror-related. Shocking, I know. There were some very cool vintage posters at a few of them, and it was hard not to grab them all. I’m a fan of ridiculous bad-good horror movies, especially ones that have that 70’s exploitation vibe. Something like Catholic School Girls from Hell 7: The Bloody Cross! is ideal. I mean, that’s not real…but it really could be. I ended up getting a Satan’s Cheerleaders poster to hang up across from the Ray Bradbury The Halloween Tree in my living room.


I also snagged some limited edition plushies of Universal Monsters. I got the Mummy, Dracula, and Wolf Man. There was a dope Freddy Krueger and a decent Chucky, but I figured you can’t go wrong with Karloff, Lugosi, and Chaney, right? One of each horror master! I was just bummed that they didn’t have a Frankenstein’s monster/bride on hand, but what can you do?

I spoke to the booth owner who said these dolls are actually meant to be bought wholesale and put in those claw machines I’m a total sucker for. He divulged that 1) when purchasing these plushies from the company, they come with a video tutorial on how to interlock the dolls arms so that no one can win the game (I KNEW IT! BASTARDS! >:[ ) and 2) he could get in big trouble for selling these. Ooooh! Scandal! Intrigue!


I also had a nice time at the end of the con talking to the SquidNova guys  – our third collaboration I believe. Link to their podcast(s) will be up at a later date.

Thanks for the chat, dudes!


Welp! That does it. My next con is Wondercon in March (still deciding on the costume) and then Monsterpalooza in April. See you there!



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Lucille Tutorial – Long Beach Comic Expo 2017

Hi all! Here is a little tutorial for my Negan bat AKA Lucille. It’s super simple and looks pretty dope if I do say so myself.

Disclaimer: Please note that you won’t be able to enter a con with an object that can possibly cause blunt force trauma—I was able to take my wooden bat inside LBCC thanks to a wonderful person who helped me out but I won’t go into too much detail about for privacy’s sake—sooooo I recommend picking up something like this instead. If you go this route, skip on down to step number 5.

However, if you’re not worried about getting it inside a con and it is for Halloween or photos or something, start from the beginning of the tutorial!

You’ll need a baseball bat, fake barbed wire, paint, sandpaper, and paper towels. You may also want gloves while you work, fake blood if you’re going for that just-killed look, and/or a brush to apply the paint/blood.

Step 1) I used regular 33” wooden Barnett bat, which like most bats has a sheen to it due to a thin layer of plastic/decal lettering. Since Negan’s bat has been through Z-day, we need to distress it. Sand down the bat until the entire thing is free of that thin coating. Use paper towels (or a dust rag) to get all of the excess dust and plastic bits off.

Step 2) Apply a generous layer of spray paint to the entire bat (I used grayish-brown paint from Rust-Oleum’s flat finish roof accent line).

Step 3) Rub the bat with a paper towel until the paint has soaked into the wood. It should create a really great grimy, distressed look.


Step 4) Once dried, go back over the bat with the sandpaper in places to create organic looking scuffs and scratches and bring out the grain of the wood. Remember, Negan has been bashing in the brains of the living and dead alike so this bat has seen some shit. It shouldn’t look pretty!

Step 5) Using your prop barbed wire (I used something like this), tie a simple knot about halfway up the bat. Then whirl it around the bat and find a natural place to tie it off. I wanted some of my loops to be loose and some to hug that bat a bit so it looked like it had been swung a bunch of times, but you can do it however you want! Optional: You can paint your barbed wire too! I wanted mine to look rusty in places but still show “metal” underneath, so I sprayed the rope in spots with Rust-oleum Specialty Metallic Silver paint and patted it a bit with paper towels so that it looked organic and not zebra striped.


Note here: For the barbed wire, you can easily make your own with some semi-rigid rope from a craft store and just tie simple cross knots down the length of it almost like a kite tail. That’s basically what the prop stuff is anyway. It’s just up to you how you want to do it – look at the prices! In my case the prop rope was cheaper. You can also use painted tubing from your local hardware store or even wire, but the wire could possibly get you in trouble at the weapons check-in point at some cons, so do that at your own discretion.


Step 6) If you’re going for the bloody look, I highly recommend using blood paste as it will stay wet and look a bit coagulated in places due to its viscosity. Blood paste can really create that fresh brain/blood look. However, if you’re taking photos at all, I recommend a mixture of blood paste and blood gel, which has more of a syrupy texture, so you could get some really dope dripping shots.

20170219_193414 20170219_193433

And that’s it. Aside from a 2 minute blood application I did at the convention itself, the whole thing likely took 30 minutes including drying time. 🙂

I plan on repurposing the bat later on for my interpretation of Harley Quinn, but I’m letting Harley-mania cool down for a bit first before going there.

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