Upcoming Cons

Hi all,

Just checking in. A few folks have asked if I plan to attend any cons anytime soon since I’ve been a little MIA, and the answer is yes! I have a little health issue I need to get taken care of which takes precedence, obviously, so that could derail some of my plans. As it stands right now, however, here’s my calendar:

  • August 26th – ScareLA (no costume/cosplay)
  • September 8th – Long Beach Comic Con (will be cosplaying)
  • September 16th – Son of Monsterpalooza (no costume/cosplay)
  • October 27th – LA Comic Con (will be cosplaying)


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Five Favorite Things for July

1. Dark Edge Jewelry by Ewelina Pas

I had mentioned in a previous post that I have been getting into raw jewelry lately, but this is a whole new level. Dark Edge Jewelry is very witchy and bold, and I’m really into it. There are some pieces that are more costumey and some that can be worn every day. I like the everyday pieces the most because they’re a little subtler but still make a statement.
This one is probably my favorite:

2. Sleepy Hollow

I had watched the first season of this show when it premiered, and then, to be honest, just kind of forgot about it. I’m glad I got back into it though. It’s pretty darn cute! If you’re into fantasy, a bit of light horror, and history, this could be your next show. It’s kind of like National Treasure meets Grimm in terms of content, and I’d say tonally it’s similar to Once Upon a Time. Definitely worth checking out!

sleepy hollow

Found on PopSugar.com

3. Pokemon GO

Okay, don’t judge me! This is another thing I’ve recently gotten back into, and I’m actually really having fun with it. I had hit level 20 the first go around (when people were going insane for the app) and then got rid of it because it was taking up too much room on my phone and I was losing interest. I started back up because I am trying to lose a little weight, and I wanted to go for walks on lunch, and thought this would be a fun way to keep me moving. It’s working! I’ve been spending my lunches catching little summertime pikachus wearing cute little hats and sunglasses! Look at this evolved form:

How cute is this??

4. My Favorite Murder

I’m officially a murderino! That’s what this podcast’s fans are known as, and I’m proud to say I’m in that group now. My two friends got into this podcast and kept telling me that I absolutely had to listen because of my love of the macabre — and they were totally right. It’s taken over my commute to and from work.

The podcast is basically just two women from California discussing murder (everything from Ted Bundy to mass shootings to cold cases) in a very casual, funny way. They’re both comedians/writers/actors/podcasters, but it really just comes across like two best friends gabbing, which I like. I think it’s a perfect example of that feeling we all have — looking over the edge of a building, rubbernecking at an accident, etc. — morbid curiosity. And, like Karen, I’m interested in the build up to these incidents and the psyche of these killers. I don’t really care to revel in the gory details (they’re very good about not doing that for the most part), but rather, understanding all of the pieces of the larger puzzle.

5. Fancy Shmancy “No Cal” Coffee

Like I said, I’m trying to slim down a bit. One change I’ve made to help with that is to change my coffee habits. My go-to historically has been a skinny vanilla latte (sometimes hot, but mostly iced) which doesn’t have much in the way of calories. Usually it is about 100-200 cals depending on the size of the cup. However, I’m now doing cold brew + stevia + a generous amount of cinnamon. That’s maybeeeee 10 calories, and yet, it’s so yummy! If I’m really looking to treat myself, I’ll put a splash of coconut milk in it. It’s like horchata. Mmmmm. Seriously, you should try it.

On that note, I’m going to start doing a new feature which is a recipe and a TV show/movie recommendation to paired with it. I did this a few times when I first started my blog, and I’m eager to get back to it. So many ideas! 😀

Always more to come, guys. Thank you for reading!



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Twitter Update

Hi guys,

I have privatized my twitter account for a little bit after a bad experience. I will be back though! No worries. 🙂


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Five Favorite Things for June

  1. The Alienist

    found on NME.com

    I really enjoyed this show. I love a good period piece and drama/horror is totally my bag, so this was a match made in heaven. Luke Evans plays this lushy playboy and Daniel Bruhl (who always has a face I want to punch) is this very fastidious, cerebral doctor. The juxtaposition of the two is great and might have been enough, but the show goes one step further with Dakota Fanning. She really makes the team what it is. Also, I still can’t get over the fact that she hasn’t stayed permanently 5 years old. Is that just me?

  2. IT

    I finally finished reading IT which is just a monster of a book in more ways than one. I honestly don’t know how I feel about it, but I thought it deserved a place on the list because it is definitely a powerful piece of writing. I will say that reading the book gave me a great many gripes with the new movie though. It makes me angry that they marginalized Mike even more than he already is! He’s the historian. He pulls them all together. He joins the group and makes it the magic, sacred number 7. He’s crucial to the defeat of It, and you’re going to make him this nothing character and give Ben the historian role? Not cool. Also, having Beverly be this damsel in distress when she’s 1) the crack shot and 2) the reason they escape It the first time around is just lame. I did like the movie — very Stand By Me — but when compared to the books it is a hard pill to swallow.

  3. SNES Classic

    found on GameSpot.com

    I just got this and I’m having a blast playing the games I did as a kid. Donkey Kong and Super Mario, in particular, give me the feels. I want to start playing the games that I never got to as a kid, but I’ve been caught up in the nostalgia of the others. Anyway, it has been fun and well worth the purchase.

  4. Gillian Flynn

    I started reading Sharp Objects recently. I loved (to hate) Gone Girl, and I think I may love this book even more. I think Flynn is very talented and just gets right to the meat of people — their thoughts, their feelings, their secrets. She explores all the ways our different relationships (be it with spouses or parents) twist us into knots. Can’t wait to watch the show! I love Amy Adams and Patricia Clarkson. That is a dream cast. And I can’t wait for more Flynn books.


    found on donutfriend.com

    If you’re in the LA area, you should check this place out. They’re a vegan donut shop, but I’m telling you, even if you’re not vegan, this place is rad. I feel like because there used to be so few options out there, people started to feel like the word “vegan” was this uppity hipster bullshit word synonymous with “garbage.” It soooooo doesn’t have to be. Try this place and you’ll understand. The MC5 Spice is my fave out of the few I’ve tried. Can’t wait to eat more when I have a cheat meal some time in the future (for now I’m on a bit of a diet :/).

As always, thanks for reading guys!


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Five Favorite Things for May

  1. Atlanta


    from Variety.com

    I am a big Donald Glover fan. I think he is an amazing person — such a mega-talent. So I’m ashamed to say that I was late getting aboard the Atlanta train. At first it was because I didn’t have a streaming service it was on, and then I just got overwhelmed by all the other shows I had been catching up on. I am thoroughly on board now though and loving it!

    I certainly have no idea what it is like to be a PoC, but I do know what it is like to be poor, and so much of it feels so true to that life. Highly recommend!

  2. Words With Friends

    I just got back in to this since getting my iPad. They say crossword puzzles and word games are good for your brain because they help fight neurodegeneration. I would play them even if that wasn’t the case though!

    The only thing I’ll say that I don’t like about the game is that cheating seems to be pretty popular among online players. I’ve matched with folks that bust out words that I reallllllllly doubt are things they just know. Azotes? Really? If you cheat at a game like that…who even are you?

  3. Christina Tossi’s Crack Pie

    20180513_170016 (1)

    I own both David Chang’s Momofuku and Christina Tossi’s Milk recipe books. You may know them from PBS’s The Mind of a Chef, Netflix’s Ugly Food, or maybe you’ve had their amazing food in person. (If it’s the last one, I’m envious!) Well, I tried one of Tossi’s recipes for a special occasion, and it was a HUGE hit. Lived up to the name! Addicting as hell.

    As for what it actually is? It’s kind of like pecan pie without the pecans — but shhhh, don’t tell Tossi that. Apparently she hates when people say that. 😛 In any case, it is a giant glob of sugary buttery goodness.

  4. Long-Term Fitness Goals

    I’ve found that I’ve hit some plateaus lately, sometimes even struggling to keep my weight in check. I’ve probably gained 10 pounds over six months if I had to guess. I don’t weigh myself much anymore — I go by how I feel. So who knows really!

    A way to help with all that though, is goals. Not ones tied to your weight or calories or anything that might make you feel frustrated or obsessive. Rather, fitness-based goals. I think short-term fitness goals are great and can help keep the grind exciting, but long-term is where it’s at. Train for something months out. Try a new sport with a goal of playing a game or competing.

    I signed up for a 5k myself about a month back. That’s not very far to a lot of people, but I have a not-so-great knee and I hate cardio, so it’s a good “fun” goal for me. I’ve improved my endurance in a very short amount of time, and feel really good about that. Woohoo!

  5. I’ll Be Gone in the Dark: One Woman’s Obsessive Search for the Golden State Killer


    I love Patton Oswalt, and like everyone else, my heart broke when his wife passed away so suddenly. It seemed so unfair for a person who brings people joy for a living to lose his own. I wasn’t familiar with Michelle McNamara’s work, but felt I owed it to Oswalt to read her book when it came out. I was blown away.

    The book is so thoroughly researched, it’s mind boggling. She finds a way to be warm, personal, and respectful of the trauma these victims went through, and yet, she doesn’t skirt around the facts. She lays them out for you. The book is made even better now that they’ve caught the piece of garbage responsible for so many sleepless nights. It’s a must read.

    Thank you for reading this list, pals. I haven’t been on top of this blog for a while. I’ve been busy with my 9-to-5, as well as freelance writing and doodling. So thanks for hanging in. 🙂



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Recap: Long Beach Comic Expo ’18

Hi all,

I had a great time at Long Beach Comic Expo this past weekend!

First stop was a stop at The Mighty Luchador booth. I tell ya, it really pays to be positioned near the door, because people pass by you when they arrive and right before they go — double the shot at a sale. I was that sale! I bought a shirt for my friend’s upcoming birthday and the lovely creator of the comic, So Electric (clearly his Christian name, right?), threw in a free signed comic and button! Check them out here.

A little ways away, I snagged a beautiful Bride of Frankenstein pin from the Psycho Swami booth. I have a Frankenstein from Yesterdays, and I think they’re going to look super cute next to each other on my leather jacket lapel. I like the juxtaposition of something creepy or bad ass with fun colors. I guess that’s why pastel goth appeals to me.

Moving on, I stopped by the Karate Pet Shop booth. They may sound familiar because I saw them at the last con I hit and we spoke for a bit. They have some really cute books, including one about a kid who has to make the naughty list in order to save Christmas. This time, I noticed a new book: a Rikki Tikki Tavi graphic novel with the original Rudyard Kipling story in the back! Yeeeeee! My nickname growing up was Rikki (my dad still calls me that when he phones), and it was just too perfect. I bought one and the author, Norm Harper, signed it for me. 🙂

As expected, I saw some wonderful cosplay as I walked the floor and the outer courtyard. Here are some of my favorites:

Finally, got to see some famous faces. Joe Keery (Steve from Stranger Things), Kimmy Robertson (Lucy from Twin Peaks), and Sherilyn Fenn (perhaps best known as Audrey Horne from Twin Peaks) were among them.

To move in order…

Yes, Joe is as cute as a bug’s ear — all that gravity-defying hair included. He seemed very nice to all his fans, though I didn’t personally talk to him. He seemed quite busy as you’d imagine, and I thought I’d leave him to his hoard of adoring fans.

Kimmy was so quirky and cute. Again, I didn’t speak to her personally because she was about to go somewhere, but I definitely made note of her colorful hair and outfit. It totally matched the way I had pictured her to be in real life. Maybe it’s her voice? She just seemed very pixie-like. She had some rad blue-teal hair going on and a rainbow sequin backpack — the mermaid scale kind that changes as you pet it.

Finally, Sherilyn was very sweet. I actually got a chance to speak with her for a while. She said my hair was a beautiful color and pointed out that it was the same as Kimmy’s. (I wish she had said “Isn’t it too dreamy?” but I’ll take what I can get ;)) On a sadder note, she mentioned that her dad had passed away just a few days prior, but that the con was helping her stay busy. I gave my condolences and agreed that it is sometimes best to keep your mind active during those times, or you might just end up sitting at home, living in the sadness. She said she knew her dad would be happy that she was out, especially spending time with fans. My heart just went out to her. Even if it is expected (I have no idea if it was or not), it doesn’t make it any easier.

Before I end the recap, here are a few artists I think you should all check out. They caught my eye at the con for one reason or another, and I wanted to show them some love.

Jenna Gray
Maiden Voyage
Ellie Abate
Hailey Rose Kosinski

That’s it! So happy to have attended and look forward to next year’s LBCE. 🙂


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Long Beach Comic Expo

I’m happy to announce that I will be at Long Beach Comic Expo on February 17th. I won’t be in costume most likely, just covering this time. I’m super excited that Joe Keery (Steve) of Stranger Things and Sherilyn Fenn (Audrey Horne) and Kimmy Robertson (Lucy) of Twin Peaks will be there. Two of my favorite shows! ❤

See you there!


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Five Favorite Things for January

Hello lovelies! We’re getting into February and so it’s time for me to wrap up last month with my five favorite things. This past month was filled with a lot of craziness for me, so my mind is a bit scrambled. Here are the five I could come up with while looking back at it all.

  1. The Vampire Chronicles – I’ve been reading Anne Rice’s series for the first time and I kind of can’t get enough of it. For context, I’m coming off of watching The Strain which I couldn’t get into that at all. I really wanted to like it because I love Del Toro, but there is something about the idea of vampirism as a contagion (especially one passed through worms – BLERG!) that I couldn’t get behind. I need my vampires to be sensuous gothic antiheroes I guess, and I get all that and more with this series. I’ve just finished the third book in the series, The Queen of the Damned. Two thumbs up! I really enjoyed exploring the lineage of the vampires through multiple points of view. I liked the themes as well — cruelty, redemption, atonement, etc. Overall, thus far I’d recommend them. Just get ready for a lot of weird tawdry-ness. It’s a bit like someone’s fanfic brought to life.


  2. Procreate – a horrible name, but I really love this app. It’s the iPad’s answer to Photoshop, though it admittedly doesn’t have all of the bells and whistles. It’s a close second though! I wanted to work in layers since an app I talked about previously, Art Set Pro, doesn’t offer that feature and it was making some of my work muddy-looking. This app gave me layers, as well as some cool brushes and techniques to experiment with. Below is the first little cartoon/comic I made with it.

    Workout_ProblemsI will be sharing these little doodles on Instagram, but I’ll talk about that more later!

  3. Tom Hanks – This is random, but I recently watched both Sully and Captain Phillips (better late than never, I guess?), and I just thought that Hanks was astounding. It’s not the first time I’ve admired his work of course, but these movies kind of reminded me how much of a treasure he is. The end of Captain Phillips goes into trauma/PTSD a bit and his shaking and dry sobs were just too much! It felt so real that it brought me to tears. He also just seems like a genuinely cool, kind individual. I get why he is America’s sweetheart.

    drunk guyI’m really looking forward to watching The Post soon and getting more of my Hanks needs met. 😛

  4. Little Nightmares – I was gifted this game as a bon voyage present by a co-worker. It has such brilliant artwork and I’m really excited to play it more! I can’t give a full rating just yet, but I wanted to share this one because it is super cool thus far. Also, it’s exactly what the name implies. I’m terrified to play. Just look at that creepy ass chef guy!

    littlenightmaresIt reminds me a bit of some of the characters in Alice: Madness Returns. The first time you encounter some of the baddies and that battle music comes on, your heart is racing. I tend to get weirdly macho and start shouting expletives — “I’M COMING FOR YOU, B*TCH! THAT’S RIGHT! OOOH, YOU GOT A WEAPON? I DON’T CARE!” 😀

  5. The Shape of Water – As I said before, I love Del Toro. My introduction was Pan’s Labyrinth and I fell in love with his style from there. Aside from The Devil’s Backbone, I think I’ve seen them all now. I’d say that The Orphanage stood out for me because it played on my mind for a very long time, but I don’t know if it was necessarily my favorite. I don’t know if I could choose one honestly! This film though…just…ugh. I loved it so much! I think Del Toro covered “otherness” from many points of view and he was successful with all of them. Race, gender, sexuality, ethnicity, nationality, economic and professional hierarchy — it is all explored. Nothing feels contrived or forced to me. It feels like a very genuine examination. As a bonus, it was magical and gorgeous to look at, which we’ve ome to expect from Del Toro. Overall, I just thought it was heart-breaking and wonderful. I plan to buy it as soon as it comes out. Okay, gushing over!



That’s all for January! I know we skipped December because of the holidays, so thanks for coming back after a lapse.


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Five Things for November

Hi all! Happy belated Turkey Day. Here are my five favorite things for the month. Thank you for reading! I hope you discover something fun and new.

  1. Stephen King – I had never read any King except for his short story “The Raft”, but he is such a prolific writer and is having such an amazing year, that it made me really want to dive in. I started by tackling The Stand and then I moved on to his Bill Hodges Trilogy. I’m starting the third book in that now. I’m also starting IT soon, which my friend gave me as a gift. I’m enjoying a lot of it overall. I’ve had some issues with each thing I’ve read, but I think that’s kind of a good thing. I’d rather read something I have issues with and is thought-provoking than just mush, you know?

  2. GoodReads.com – Speaking of reading, my friend told me about this site where you can keep track of books you’ve read, want to read, are reading, etc. You can set goals for yourself (example: mine was read 50 books this year); you can rate books and participate in discussions about them; just all sorts of cool stuff! I’ve been using it and it’s really fun.
  3. Projected laser Christmas lights – I know this might seem like a weird one, but I think these are so cool. I discovered them a couple of years ago, and they’ve come out with so many options since then. I got them for my Grandma this year because they’re very simple but create a big effect, and she doesn’t have to worry about hanging any lights to get that. Christmas light trends kind of come and go and I can see this being “outdated” after like 5 years, but for now they’re pretty cool.

    I prefer the red and green or white ones and not crazy dancing Santas and whatnot. I don’t really want a Pink Floyd laser light show. Just classic Christmas.

  4. Raw stone jewelry – I’ve gone through phases with my jewelry. I used to like really loud things because to be honest, when I was a bit heavier set, I felt like I could speak better through accessories than the clothing options I had. Things have improved but when I was considered “plus size”, I felt like my options were all cheap and/or boring. Now that I feel comfortable in my style point of view though, I think my taste in jewelry has evolved. I like a lot of art deco-inspired pieces, bondagey grungey pieces, but I also love rustic. I guess I’d describe it as “hunter meets hunted”. Here are some cool artists I’ve discovered on etsy. 🙂

    Wanderlust Jewelry
    Vermeer Jewelry
    The Chaos Department
    Inc Designs


  5. Indian Food – I’ve been on a major Indian kick lately. I am admittedly a very picky eater but I’ve been trying to push myself in recent years to try new things and open my mind. Trying all different dishes of a culture is so fun and has really made me appreciate the depth of it all. Sooooo samosa, paneer, chana aloo masala, and everything slathered in butter sauce please and thank you! 😛



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Five Favorite Things for October

This is coming a few days late because it has been a wild week or so, and I’m now contending with a horrid cold.

  1. The IT Crowd – This one was on my Netflix queue for like two years. I finally dug into it this past month. It is so cute and clever. I like the episodes where they go very meta. Definitely worth watching.

    IT Crowd.Series 3

  2. Wolf Hall – I read the first of the trilogy this month and to be honest, I had mixed feelings. It was dense but that also made it very rich —  like a Tolkien book only semi-true. I felt like some things were discussed in depth and some were kind of swept over when I wanted to know more. Overall though, if you can keep track of all the Thomases and Richards that make appearances, it’s a delicious, scandalous story based on real people and events.


  3. Roasted Pumpkin SeedsI carved pumpkins this month for Halloween and half the fun of doing that is the seeds you get out them! Don’t be foolish and waste them because I am telling ya, they’re so so tasty. My go-to recipe is coating the seeds in a wee bit of olive oil, 1 tbsp garlic salt, 1 tsp paprika, 1 tsp black pepper, and a pinch of cayenne pepper. Spread them out on a sheet of parchment paper on a cookie tray and bake at 350 degrees until golden brown. Enjoy!
  4. Manhunt: Unabomber – Sam Worthington is one of those actors (like Carl Urban or Jon Bernthal in my opinion) that just hasn’t quite gotten his big break yet. He’s been in a ton of stuff but I feel like he’s waiting for his defining role. This probably isn’t it either, to be honest, but it is certainly a great display of his acting skills. It’s the story of the man who caught the Unabomber and the way his own life unraveled in the process. It’s all the more gripping because the Unabomber was a real guy who did real, horrible things because of his own twisted ideology.


  5. Hearthstone – Going back to this one after a while. It’s an oldie but a goodie. I would love to join some of you in a battle or two because I am rusty as hell. Hit me up and we’ll play!



This month will bring five more things I enjoy. Can’t wait to share them with you all.



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